What parents and therapists are saying about Kary's Services:




"I'm really happy with how [my son] is progressing in his sessions with you. This is truly the most improvement we've seen after 2 therapists & we thank you so much!" -Michelle (mother of a 4 year old severely picky eater)





"I look forward to leaning on your wonderfulness when I get nervous as we move to different zones."-Maggie (mother of 7 month old, post in-home consult)




"Thank you so much, Kary. We really enjoyed meeting you and were so glad to see how well [our son] responded to your friendly, gentle, respectful manner. We will look forward to implementing your suggestions." -Stephanie (mother of a 12 month old, post in-home feeding evaluation)




"Meal time feels much easier and I'm certainly more excited by it too." -Eileen (mother of 7 month old, post phone consult)




"Thank you again for the help with [my daughter].  You have amazing energy and we are so grateful for your expertise." - Sara (mother of 9 month old baby, post in-home consult)




"Thank you for all the wonderful and helpful information.  I loved this course and can't wait to share the information." -Raechelle (course attendant)




"We got a lot out of our session with you--really appreciate your help!"- Ruthie (mother of 9 month old, post in-home consult)




"Just wanted to say thank you. So glad that we found you...Your suggestions were great and we are doing all of them." - Nicole (mother of an 8 month old baby, post feeding evaluation)





"Thank you for this, [my son] is better, not perfect :) but better with eating...thank you for your help."-  (mother of a 2 year old, post in-home feeding consultation





"Feeding a toddler is hard. Feeding a finicky toddler is a challenge I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy. For us, meals have been a battle--our table, the field; our utensils, the weapons. We tried so many things--stupid things--before we consulted Kary. Our toddler was probably laughing at us on the inside, thinking, "What do these babbling idiots think they're doing?" My fear was that Kary would think the same thing.


Much to my relief, she didn't. She was compassionate and understanding while also being direct about the changes we needed to make. She met with us in our home and helped tailor a plan that was unique to our family. That's what I liked most about working with Kary--there is no formula; she takes into account individual needs and lifestyle. She's flexible. She gets it--"it" being the chaos of raising a toddler, the confusion about what's "right" versus "wrong," the frustration, the anxiety. My husband and I both felt empowered with her game plan. We believed in it; more magically, we agreed on it.


Kary is a professional in every sense of the word. She knows what she's doing, and she has the research studies and experience to show that what she's doing works. We're more confident in our toddler becoming a better, easier, more versatile eater. Parenting isn't easy, but it's reassuring to know that there is help out there for the little things--like eating--that we do on an everyday basis." -Ashley (mother of 3 year old, post in-home consult)