Tongue Tie

Recently I wrote a guest post about tongue tie at my coworker and friend Jamie's blog Her and her sister post on topics related to breastfeeding toddlers and parenthood in general. It's full of good information and also just thought provoking and interesting stuff! Check out the post, which is in 2 parts, here for part 1 and here for part 2.

This is a favorite pic of me and my daughter's first breastfeed, just after she was born. I am incredibly lucky that breastfeeding was easy and amazingly bonding for us from the first latch. We continued on until she was around 2 and a half because it was just so smooth and easy for us both. Many, many new mamas deal with much more challenging breasfeeding (and bottle feeding) situations and when I hear these stories, my first thoughts are that these mamas are remarkably impressive in how strong they are. My second thought is usually, "I wonder what the baby's tongue looks like..." Read on for more info on tongue tie and how it relates to feeding dysfuction over at:

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