Engage & Feed Your Toddler: Peanut butter and jam quesadilla with homemade corn tortillas


If you have the luxery of being home with your child any days of the week, you know it's a balance between engaging them in activites to keep their little minds and hands busy, while also trying to get basic life tasks accomplished, like lunch.


Enter stage left the peanut butter and jam quesadilla with homemade corn tortillas! I love these because they accomplish double duty. They are an easy yet delicious lunch option (ok, not the most healthy meal but could be worse...) but also they are simple enough that a toddler can help with every step of making them.


First, we made the dough for the tortillas about 30 minutes before lunch time. Super easy, just 3 ingredients and a nice sensory spin: tactile play to mix the dough with our (just washed) hands + heavy work (proprioceptive) component included with managing the tortilla press (or rolling out the tortillas if you don't have a press). The dough is just masa harina, water, and salt. Super simple, the recipe is right off the bag of masa harina.

Then we motor planned and scavenger hunted to find the rest of what we needed: peanut butter, jam, and a butter knife to spread with.


On a side note, I'm sure it must seem if you read my blog with any consistency, that my daughter is constantly nude. That is not the case. Ok well, that is sort of the case but mainly because it is so hot here (even now in mid November!) and we don't have air conditioning. So rather than fight with her, I let her enjoy going nakey.


#peanutbutterandjellyquesadilla #homemadetortillas #cookingwithatoddler #toddlerlunches

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