Greek yogurt mini pops with the Zoku

I just recently found this mini Popsicle maker by Zoku at Sur La Table and I love it. (I have no affiliation with the company, I just really like the size and shape of these pops for a toddler.)


Birdie snuck her hand in there while I was trying to take a quick picture.

The pops slide out easily from the silicone mold once frozen and I love the small size for my 2 year old and for myself. Our past experiences with popsicles for my Birdie were very messy and usually ended with her leaving a half-eaten, melty pop somewhere around the house. Not so with these! They are the perfect size to allow her to eat the whole thing before it gets a chance to melt all over her and my furniture. AND! They are exactly the size that a sweet Popsicle treat should be for a toddler (or any person, really) to limit sugar intake but still feel like you've had a special treat.


Even better (though not exactly original) her favorite is plain Greek yogurt with chopped fruit in it!


I literally just spoon in a bit of unsweetened Greek yogurt then push a few pieces of regular chopped fruit inside before putting the Popsicle stick in it and freezing. No sugar added to the yogurt.

We're also made ones with coconut milk, Nutella, and cinnamon:


as well as a coconut water with lime and mint. All of them have been delicious!

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