Fun With Food: Fishing with Veggie Sticks


I got the idea for this from this pin: It's a great way to have fun with veggie sticks and when a child has fun with food, they are more likely to eat that food. On the flip side of that, feeling nervous or angry in general decreases appetite so anytime you can make positive associations at the table and with healthy foods, the better your chances are for your child maintaining his/her appetite and trying new foods.

What you'll need:

1. Zucchini sticks- 1 for each child

2. Letter cookies from Trader Joes

3. Peanut butter or other nut butter if preferred (or sunflower seed butter if allergies are an issue)


Give each child a veggie stick a handful of letter cookies (extra points if you find the letters in his/her name) and a glob of peanut butter. Let the child scoop up the peanut butter with their zucchini stick, then call out letters and have each child find that particular letter. When the letter is found, the child picks it up with their "fishing pole" and shows you then eats it.


Have extra "fishing poles" (aka zucchini sticks) ready because your child may start eating theirs and need a replacement!

Consider alternate "fishing poles:" celery, carrot, bell peper sticks, even beets! Be creative!

#funwithfood #toddlerfoodcrafts #utensils #selffeeding

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