Fun with Food: Crafting with Beets

Many adults don't like beets so convincing kids to try beets can be tough to say the least. But the more exposure a person (or child) has to a food, the more likely he or she is to eat it. So get started with a fun, beet-y food craft so that by by the time you introduce beets in a meal, they will be familar to your child and connected to a fun memory!


Beets have such a beautiful color, what better way to craft with them than to paint or stamp:


I realize that licking the beet is not the most sanitary thing to do but it is a great way to get a child to taste the beet without the pressure of telling them to taste it. Often the child will look at you like you're crazy at first and hesitate for a moment. But when the kiddo decides that it looks really really fun to stamp, and he doesn't want to be left behind, often he'll just go for it! I wait until after the kiddo has licked the beet a few times before I ask him or her what it tastes like.


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