Baby Led Weaning In Action

One of my Birdie’s first attempts at solid foods: roasted beets. She’s 6 months and 1 week in this video.

I roasted them in a bit of olive oil to soften, then let them cool and just placed them on the (clean) table in front of her. She had a nice time trying to pick them up, then sucking and munching on them. She needed some help picking them up and she never really managed to swallow them, but I loved watching her discover the flavor and texture while also working on tongue lateralization and early chewing patterns.

Notice that the piece is big enough for her to grab and hold while feeding herself. I’m there the whole time for supervision but she never needs help asside from picking up the slippery pieces! Also notice that I never push or force, I let her natural curiosity guide her.

Last, try not to notice our dog, Henry, licking the table and waiting for the baby to drop her food.

#babyledweaning #feeding6montholdbaby #feedingbabysolids #oralmotorskilldevelopment #selffeeding

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