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Initial lactation consultation: Guidance on successful initiation of breastfeeding, assistance with a wide variety of breastfeeding issues, including poor latch, decreased weight-gain, sore nipples, pumping, low milk supply. Initial lactation consultation includes in home support and one follow-up email to assure that your needs have been met and to determine if you need additional follow-up support.

Lactation follow-up: on-going support to continue problem solving and fixing breastfeeding issues.

Lactation support via text message or email:  Do you have a ton of random questions about breastfeeding that need a quick but reliable reply? Need lactation advice stat but too busy with your newborn to get out of the house or  even call to schedule an appointment?  Just email me your breastfeeding questions or concerns and I will respond within 8 hours (or sooner) with answers and recommendations. Include your number and I will  reply via text. Because it’s so much easier to text someone than to set up an in home consult.  And, honestly, we all have a million and one questions about how to successfully breastfeed at first!  I can help answer them.

Individual feeding consultation: A little support can go such a long way towards helping your child learn to love eating. I provide two types of individual feeding consultations. I offer a “transition to solids” consultation for families with 4-6 month olds who have not yet begun to transition to solid foods or who have just begun the process of transitioning, as well as older infants (6-12 months) who are already eating some solids but could use help with adding in more texture and broadening their repertoire of accepted foods. I also provide a “dealing with picky eating” consultation, which is designed to help parents of picky eaters to stop the cycle that can be so frustrating and discouraging to families. I strongly suggest that you address feeding issues as early as possible, as this is when they are most easily remedied.  If you have any hesitations about introducing solids to your infant, the "transition to solids" consultation can be invaluable towards getting the feeding relationship off on the right foot. Included with your initial consultation is a 30-minute phone follow up and written instructions to assure that the information is remembered and to check progress.


I will provide in-home group classes for you and your friends with groups of at least 4 attendants​. Group classes are 90-minutes in length and are designed to inform you about a topic while also answering your specific questions. 

The "transition to solids" class focuses on the primary information that you will need to successfully start your baby on the road to solid foods.  We discuss optimal time to introduce solids to your baby, best choices for first foods, and ideas for promoting variety in your baby's diet.

Transition to solids I- all about what you can do in the months before you begin solids to get your little one and your home ready. I discuss what tools and supplies you really need and what is a waste of money.

Transition to solids II- this class is all about demystifying the process of starting solid foods with your baby.  I give specific and realistic recommendations as well as the theory behind it to build positive oral sensory and behavioral foundations to get your little one off to the best start. The way we introduce solids can impact feeding for a lifetime!

Transition to soids III- this class is for the slightly older baby, who may have already begun the transition onto solid foods but is having difficulty making the transiton.  Or this class is for the parent who has begun the process but is unsure of where to go next to progress their baby's diet or who is looking to make sure they are on the right track to prevent picky eating habits from developing down the line.

The "dealing with picky eating" class is designed to help you determine why your child might be exhibiting picky eating behaviors and then give you specific strategies and tools to use to help your child become a more adventurous eater.  


Occupational therapy evaluation: An OT evaluation is for infants and children who are severe picky eaters, or who have oral motor issues, swallowing issues, developmental delay, sensory integration issues.  I will provide a thorough evaluation of your child's issues and determine what the underlying cause is, as well as develop a comprehensive treatment plan or follow-up suggestions, if needed. Depending on the issue, I may use standardized assessment tools, observation, and or questionnaire to assess your child. The evaluation generally takes about 60-90 minutes to complete and will take place in your home, unless you prefer it to be elsewhere. 

Occupational therapy treatment: If treatment sessions are indicated, they will either take place in your home or at a location of your choosing.  Treatment sessions are 45-50 minutes in length and include time at the end to discuss the session, plan for progression, and any home exercises or strategies that may be suggested. Treatments can be on-going but the goal at all times it to give you the tools to continue making progress without direct intervention.

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