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I am a feeding specialist located in Portland, OR.  Please email me to initiate services for your child and family. Click on each service to see a description of what is provided to decide what is right for you.

Picky eating is avoidable but the way we have been taught to feed our children is often misguided and can lead to poor eating outcomes. Feeding is one of the most important activities we do with our children and we do it so often, it can color our relationship to our child. It's easy to build bad habits and routines, but conversely, when feeding goes well, you are practicing a positive and joyful conversation with your child everyday, multiple times a day.

Private Consultations
Initial lactation consultation
​Lactation follow-up sessions
Lactation support via text message or email
​Individual feeding consultation
​Follow-up feeding sessions 
​Occupational Therapy evaluation
​Occupational Therapy treatment